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Commissions Master Post!

Icon Set

Black and White Painted: $15 per three icons ($6 each)
Color: $20 per three icons ($8 each)


Headshot/Bust: $15
Full-Body: $30
Add a character/background: +$10 per character

Black and White Painted

Headshot/Bust: $25
Full-Body: $40
Add a character/background: +$12 per character


Headshot/Bust: $30
Full-Body: $60
Add a character: +$15 per character, no backgrounds available

Flash Sketch
A flash sketch is a 30-60 minute sketch with a limited palette.

Headshot/Bust: $10

See something not listed? Ask me about it! We can work out a fair deal.

Due to real life circumstances, commissions may come quickly or slowly.

If you need a commission by a certain date, I charge a 15% rush fee for 'within a ten-day period' and flat out can't take one-week rushes in good conscience.

In Progress:

Further examples of my work are available here. All art done in 500dpi and provided as PNG or JPEG depending on buyer preference. Email me at patchyshec[@]yahoo[.]com or leave a comment here!

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