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Mad Machine-Gun Hearts


1. Mø - "Fire Rides"

What's it gonna be with the violence?
What's it gonna be when the fire rides in?
What's it gonna be when we both die young?

He fidgets with her collar as though brushing his fingers against it enough times will make him understand it and everything else that's about to happen to them.

2. Moonface - "Barbarian"

I've been a barbarian most of my life, but sometimes
I am a lamb upon your altar
Darling it's finally the fall
Finally I've not destroyed anything at all
You never knew because I never told you

"He's a good man," she says quietly, smiling in her eyes though it leaves her lips. "Better than me, for sure."

He puts a hand out to brush hers, back to back. "Good makes good."

3. Owen Pallett - "The Riverbed"

Out of thought, out of house, out of mind
Lay your head, lay your heart next to mine
Try to admit that you might have it wrong
And when you admit that you might have it wrong
Thunderhead, oh thunderhead
I will be your riverbed

"Now, seeing the error in my ways, I would like to propose not a solution, perse, but a new analysis of our situation from an ethical perspective."

4. Anais Mitchell - "Venus"

I seen Venus, Venus coming
She come down in a cloud machine
And I believe, I believe that she is
The only woman I've ever seen

"The truth is that I mind your speculation only inasmuch as it concerns her. I cannot stop you from talking about me, if that is how you will find your entertainment, but I would rather her feelings not be sacrificed for something so petty. I...I am unaccustomed to such concerns and I fear that I am utterly unsuited to them, the more I discover of them. Your sympathy, rather than ridicule, would be appreciated."

5. Betty Who - "Giving Me Away"

Hear my mad machine-gun heartbeat
Pounding right beside you
Giving me away

For now she stays content where she is, dimly aware of his heartbeat radiating its muted vibrations through his side and into hers.

6. Zola Jesus - "Collapse"

She knows that she has become a thousand times stronger in the last few months, and yet still can't keep pace with how the world continues to open up to human suffering, to evil.

7. Vienna Teng - "Never Look Away"

For you are made of nebulas and novas and night sky
You’re made of memories you bury or live by

She's made a living out of putting on masks and holding people away, making them believe exactly what they had to about her to get through an audition, through an interview, through an interrogation. She never had to let men get close, because she knew it was entirely superficial. Now that something genuine has come along, she finds that there's nothing in her repertoire that's equipped to manage it. Enjolras was never the only one lacking honesty, with him or with her.

8. Tori Amos - "Peeping Tommi"

She’s willing
Just breathe
Willing one day I’ll be

She didn't realize how much her body longed for trust until she had it.

9. Indochine - "Le Grand Secret"

Je te laisserai trouver la voie
Et puis je penserai comme toi
Comme une fille qui voudra prendre son temps
Comme si c'était la dernière fois

Their kiss holds the twofold purpose of being intimate with her because it makes him happy and because he chooses to be, and because that disregard for the consequences of their actions is, in itself, a form of defiance.

10. Shearwater - "You As You Were"

You could stand on the back of a shuddering beam,
With a pistol, firing shots into the air
You could run in the blood of the sun's hard rays,
You could drive the mountains down into the bay
Or go back to the east where it's all so civilized
Well, I was born to this life
But I am leaving this life
I am leaving the life

"Our friend's favor always come with a tax. We each must decide if we are willing to pay in order to welcome him into our sphere. He is more intense than anyone I have ever known and I love him for that. And one cannot burn with such heat or light without engulfing their surroundings. If you choose closeness, you implicitly accept that he may light a fire in you as well."

11. Pity Sex - "Hollow Body"

Once I laid my head on you
Inhaled to match your rhythm
As if somehow that’d bind us close together indelibly

She is like an obscure code he needs to break, something wonderfully complicated and purposefully incomprehensible. The closer he gets, the most he understands and the more questions open up to him again.

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